Sunday Walk–Part the Second

From the DR Congo all things are difficult.To the DR Congo all things are difficult. Inside the DR Congo all things are difficult. Yet there is an optimism here that far surpasses all the problems. I expect to learn from these people. Already I have learned how to...

A Sunday Afternoon Walk in Kinshasa

At this first opportunity I decided to go for a walk. This place is rough, but not so rough.People smiled and said “Bon jour.” I still have to say, though, that it was one of the strangest walks I have taken. This is usually the case when you first arrive...

Photos From the DR Congo

On the ground now. Here is the view from my current office in KinshasaMade a trip to the Congo River today, which is the second largest in the world. This is Yellow Bird by the river.

Not Everyone Loves A Soldier

Not everyone loves a soldier.Yet they continue.Sometimes knowing why,But mostly not. The pride, the action, sureThose are easy. The sacrifice, the monotony,Not so much. Somewhere out there is a perception.There are enemies at the gates.Or more accurately,They are...

Three Rooms

This is my room in ParisThis is Vincent Van Gogh’s room in ArlesThis is Captain Willard’s room in Saigon