At this first opportunity I decided to go for a walk. This place is rough, but not so rough.People smiled and said “Bon jour.” I still have to say, though, that it was one of the strangest walks I have taken. This is usually the case when you first arrive in any country. But this one is so loaded with a history of violence and despair, that I could not help but keep that in mind as I “marched” at speed through the capital. These are some of the things I saw. (I will post a few photos and then see how quickly the process works–if it does at all. Then, if the first run is successful, I will continue with my Sunday afternoon walk with you.) By the way, I walked alone, but had in mind that I would do my best later to share this with you, so that you were walking with me.

I will start by posting my five favorite photos from the walk to test the system.

This is my hotel and its street

It took awhile, but I found a spot where I could see the Congo River (but you have to look)

These were (are?) some of the great river boats that cruised the Congo


Ths the street where I'll be working, with its resident rooster.








A backstreet behind some of the other backstreets–this is a place where I have not worried about not having a map, because a map would just not help.

As suspected, my efforts to upload these photos resulted in several crashes and a couple of failures. But looks like can be sent so I will, before tempting fate (and the internet) any further. And don't forget that everybody loves somebody sometime.

PS– currently enjoying a meal of Congolese chicken (recipe to be provided upon request)