A lonely dog rolls

On the carpet of a sidewalk cafe.

This stunning fortress town perched on the clear blue Adriatic Sea is clearly a world heritage view. But what is most unique about Dubrovnik is its people's history of surviving. Yet surviving while striving for and achieving justice, peace and fairness. This once powerful city state dates back well over 1,500 years. And since that time the people have kept the city alive by striking a balance between power and finesse: using walls and diplomacy.

EthiopiaThis story is a collaboration between me and my brother.

EthiopiaThese first five images are from the raucous and fun livestock market in Lalibela.

I was surprised, well maybe I wasn't. No, no I was surprised to hear how mighty this little nation has been.Back in 1565 the tyrannical Ottomans lay siege for several months, but they finally gave up. But the story goes back a bit further than that. This was the view from my hotel room over the active harbor.

The Gonder Castle

We'll have to leave the wonderful folks of Gonder for just a bit to have a quick tour of the castle and it's several outbuildings. Or, as the self-appointed archeologists call it “the royal enclosure.”

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