There is a large conservation area surrounding the famous crater located just next door to the Serengeti.

The area is not quite a nature park, because the famous Maasai tribes are allowed to live in the region and graze their cattle there. Thus, the area provides some amazing images of nature itself and also of lives being lived in the simplest of forms. In spite of the Maasai's world-wide reputation, I was surprised to see how simple their lives are. Thousands of tourists each year pass through the Maasai's grazing land, yet little money goes to the herdsmen.

These are foot paths worn by the Maasai over many years.

And here's an artist's rendition of the folks who walked the same paths a couple of million years ago.

A hike into the hills showed that there's still jungle up there.

And getting to the top of this mountain.

Provided a great view of the Serengeti off in the distance.