A Mirror

I looked into a mirror today. And, as I looked, I thoughtWho is that guy?I’ve lived with himAll my life. And I wonder why.
Mothers and Children

Mothers and Children

One thing about life that is both fair and unfair is that we do not sign up for the job. At least as far as we know, we just arrive in whatever form we arrive: human, animal, or some other living consciousness. But what seems common is that those of us who survive had...
Sometimes Life is Lonely

Sometimes Life is Lonely

We as humans and our primate cousins seem to have evolved so that we need friends, companions, and even soul mates, if we're lucky. Sometimes we never find them. Or sometimes they go away. That leaves us alone. Sometimes it is easy to be alone. And sometimes it is...

My Plans

Are to go downwind for awhileThen to go crosswind for a bitAfter that I hope to go upwindFor a short timeAnd then turn suddenly east.

Notes From the Field

Just before I go to strange countries, my thoughts tend to focus on obscure things.These are a few bits of thoughts I have collected on raggedy bits of paper from different places at different times: mostly before stepping into the unknown……… #1This...

Nice house. King’s Lawyer (Avocat)

Walking the back streets of Paris behind the back streets, that were those streets that had been back streets behind other back streets, I saw this: For no particular reason this house caught my attention. I don't know about you, but when my attention is caught it...