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This is a city with urban life writ large–more than 15 million people with a grand history of opulence and wealth (for those who had money) and a darker history of poverty and oppression (for those who had no money).

The City of Buenos Aires thrived when beef and grain exports topped the charts in the later 1800’s. That opulence continued for decades, which these photos of the streets show–ornate and powerful buildings showing Buenos Aires an equal to the cities of Europe. At least until both headed into the 1930’s, tumultuous times for all.

Then there were many economic and political struggles in the middle of the 20th century (with Juan and Eva Peron being the most symbolic example of that). So what we have now on the streets of Buenos Aires is a mix of the old opulence and a noble effort to get by with little and lessening. Still, there is hope and happiness among the tombs of a city with a mighty past.

So here we go. The streets of Buenos Aires….

This is a protest against poverty by those who are poor.

But there’s also wonderful, peaceful places in this, the world’s 13th biggest, city.