Greetings again from Planet Europe. These photos and thoughts are from the fall of 2015.

That was one of the many volatile times for the great people of Europe. Here's what some of it looked like…


These guys, for example, were pedalling bikes to give them internet access. That's in the train station in Strasbourg, France. And a beautiful station it is: adding a modern glass front to a classic old train station.


Notice the way the old station is just visible through the glass. And more importantly, how practical the place is for people to come and go. I passed through that place with ease, while enjoying it's beauty.


And while we're in Strasbourg, why not share a few of the images that really knocked me back about this great euro-city that sits on the border of France and Germany (and reflects that mix of cultures):


And this is the intergalactically famous cathedral.
And there's always a dude in the crowd.







This could be the best dog in Europe.







So just to jump around a bit, here's some shots from Bruxelles.