Sure that news is some sixty-four years old. But today German troops were back on the streets of Bratislava


This was a unique way to celebrate the end of the Second World War here in 1944. It seems that in 1939, the Slovak government was largely cooperative with the Germans, signing an agreement for the Germans to oversee Slovakia. In any event, the end of the war was celebrated here on May 8th, 1945 and is a national holiday. These images are from the celebration today. Sadly, though, when the Germans left, the Russians moved in and didn't leave until 1989.














When you're on the road for a long time you will accumulate all kinds of strange memories, odd ideas and many sorts of other riff raff that sits in your mind. That is the good and the bad part about traveling.

Today was one of those days where a rather extraordinary image stays with me. Seeing German troops, all properly armed with the weapons on the Second World War, standing around in the center of Bratislava.

At the end they even reenacted a firefight with some Russian troops (you'll see some Russian troops in the photos, too, wearing lighter brown uniforms).

There were even some American troops in the uniform of the time. This member of the famous Screaming Eagles, the 101st Airborne, showed a kinder, gentler side.

By pushing a baby carriage through the town.

Even so, he was properly armed.

Perhaps the only thing that could be more strange would be if Alice Cooper arrived in Bratislava.