In January I had the great pleasure to travel with my brother Tim and with two new friends from Italy, Ester and Giulio. We hired a vehicle to travel from Gonder to Axum through the Simien Mountains. The 350 kilometer journey took the better part of a day. Or, I should say, it was a great part of that day.


And here's the travel team en route.

And if you think they look rough, you should have seen me. So let's get rolling, we haven't got all day.

At first the mountains are unimposing, but still beautiful.


Then the earth pushes up peaks that would make Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner envious.












And this is Africa, so wherever you are going, there will be villages en route.





And as the sun started sinking, the light changed.





And as always, Tim the photographer is popular with the folks.


And one last point. The road from Gonder to Axum was dusty. How dusty was it, say you? Well it was so dusty that the driver had to pull over to have the truck's air cleaner blasted with air. The dust just kept flying out. Probably enough to make a camel sneeze.