This lesser known park in the north of Tanzania is best known for it's elephants and Baobab trees. It is a beautiful place.

I've never noticed the intensity and toughness of an elephant's skin.

Similarly, the power and unique beauty of an elephant's ear is something that had eluded me. No more. Henceforth, I will say to a beautiful woman, when I next meet one, that she is as flexible and strong as an elephant's hide and as pretty as an elephant's ear is strong. Not sure what my chances will be with these lines, but fourteen months in Africa does change one's perspective.

Apparently elephants like to eat the bark of the Baobao trees. Thus, the hole in the one we see here.

We should leave off with a shot that captures the essence of Tarangire: elephants in the distance and a wonderful, but elephant scratched Baobao tree.

But wait. As a late dispatch, we have to pay tribute to the tiniest of antelope. This little Dik Dik survives in the park along with all those big elephants. Africa is a place of contrasts. But contrasts are what make the world go round. So let's celebrate elephants and Dik diks.