Like many places in the world, Amboseli is largely ignored by most of the planet. Yet when you go there, you feel like you've already been, because the images live in our collective unconscious.

Perhaps these thoughts from Laurens van der Post from Venture to the Interior will help to explain why we feel we have been here before.”What an artist Africa is in the way it displays it's mountains. The greatest of them are never jumbled together….They are set in the great open spaces…so they can see and be seen and take their proper place in the great physical drama of Africa.It is a drama in the sense the sea is one. I do not know if any country, except perhaps the far interior of Asia, which is, in terms of earth, of solid matter, so nearly the equivalent of the sea. There's seems to be no end to it.And what is stranger still, it is there as the sea is there, in a right of it's own that is indifferent if not unfriendly to man.”

Sometime the place feels so big and so daunting that you feel like you gotta shout.