On a peaceful plain somewhere in Africa there is a dude antelope just hanging out and not being chased by lions. For once he thinks he has a moment of peace, away from the drudgery of being chased by his predators. He would look something like this.


However, there always seems to be someone who needs to upset the balance. This is him. Peace is not good enough, so he wants a fight.Sure, it all relates to biology and survival of the fittest. But it just seems sad to me that animals fight amongst themselves, but still have to be on constant guard against predators that will kill them if they can.

Well, they seem intent on fighting, so let's just let them do what they need to do.

So, if you look at this whole fight scenario like the boxing matches often seen in Vegas, it plays like this: the evening starts with the featherweights, then moves to the welter and middleweights, then gets to the heavyweights. Let's just jump straight to the heavyweights.

These two are squaring off just a bit downwind from Mount Kilimanjaro. That peak to the right is the little known brother of Kilimanjaro. So here we are, the fight is about to start. The bets are placed; the slurs against each other's characters have been said. The fight is on.