During June 2012 I had the good fortune to visit this much-admired area in southern Uganda.

As is often the case with overland travel, if you keep your ears open you get some good tips about where to go. In short, I try to keep my ears close to my boots and my boots close to the ground. What I am saying is that a fellow traveller said “you otta' go there.” So I did.

There is reason to celebrate when you live in a place like this.

I found a great and sociable place to stay by the lake.

With a luxury tent, aptly indicated by a sign.

And this was the view from the tent called tent.

But sometimes you do need a sign to help you find your way. Listen and look for the signs. They are not always obvious, but then again sometimes they are.

Sometimes beauty is hard to find, so enjoy it when you can.

And these last images capture the beauty on the road leading to Lake Bunyonyi.