Many miles have passed since Yellow Bird landed in Paris more than a year ago. This is a final report about her project to help the hospital in Kindu, DRC.

It is also a chance to share some photos of some of the friends she has met so far while traveling in Africa. First of all, Yellow Bird and her friends donated $10,760 Canadian to help the patients and medical staff at the hospital. As you may recall, it was the doctors at the hospital who made the choices about what should be purchased with the Yellow Bird funds.

That started with ceiling fans in all the wards, then 19 new beds with mosquito nets. Next was screens on the wards and the most significant and helpful purchase, the new surgical table. And the final set of purchases was new lights and solar panels (along with the electrical wiring etc.) to give the wards and operating room light all the time.

Since Yellow Bird has now flown to another place in Africa, she can no longer monitor the way funds are being spent. Thus, the Yellow Bird fund is closed for now. The little bit of funds left ($195) has been given to the Food Bank in Campbell River (British Columbia, Canada).

“Many thanks” cannot even begin to thank those who helped Yellow Bird make a tiny difference in a forgotten corner of a deep and dangerous land. And with that Yellow Bird signs off for now with some photos of some of her other African friends.

And now we'll really sign off with some of Yellow Bird's cousins.