Yes Folks. It's time to play everyone's favorite game.That game is SPOT THE ANIMAL. It's the exciting game where you must see where the animal is.

If you do see the animal, then you can take a photo of it.Or, if you don't see the animal, it will kill you. Are you ready to play?Animals in their natural homes are not so easy to spot. That's because there's other animals who want to eat them.

Apparently lots of people like to go on so-called African Safaris. I think “Safari” is an over stated term. Safaris are what Livingstone and Speke and Burton did. What the tourists do is a game drive. That means they (and me) get driven around by a guide to try to see various animals. Even so, there are still beautiful and dangerous animals out there.So here we go. Are you ready to spot them?

So. The last photo. Clearly I saw it before it killed me. Did you say elephant?If you said elephant, then you're wrong. It's a statue of an elephant. That was a test run of SPOT THE ANIMAL.No one said SPOT THE ANIMAL is an easy game. And no one said living in Africa is an easy game. So now that you're ready to really get into the game, let's go.

Did you see the hippopotamus lying under the weeds?

Are you seeing a crocodile? And what about the giraffe way over to the left?

Where's the kitty that will kill you?

Sure there's a hippopotamus, but did you see the two crocodiles that will take you out?

Did you catch the lion lying in the weeds?

Although large, elephants are magically difficult to see in the wilds.

For once you are not in danger. That is just an eagle flying away from you.

Do you think swimming in a nice, little creek in Africa is a good idea?

What follows are a few photos of animals in the woods. Can you see them?

So there's a dangerous creature on the shoreline.

Sure, you can see baboons, but how many?

And how about this one?

If you guessed a running baboon, then you're right.

This male lion is kinda obvious, but if you didn't see him, you die again.

Sure the two little lion cubs are not too dangerous. But the two hefty female lions just above them are mighty dangerous.

This photo shows the two female's paws in the air as they lie back to catch some sun.

And this footprint from a leopard says that they are always out there. If you are in Africa, then there are creatures that will try to kill you. That is the way it is. If you don't like that idea, then don't come here.

Clearly the game is over with this obvious photo of a Cape Buffalo. But these guys will charge every time. So this photo falls into the category of the things that will kill you in Africa. And if you don't mind, just to be nice, we'll end with a shot of a rare bird, a shoebill, standing in some papyrus.