This all played out in eastern Uganda. I was doing a loop tour, through the north, then swinging east to arrive near Mount Elgon. That's a massive former volcano that has left a range of mountains which are now home to lots of people and animals. Still, there's lots of space for the rest of nature to still be itself.

The picture above shows the three sets of falls and we'll take a walking tour to see each of the three up close. What's great is if you can meet some wonderful people to do the tour with you. That, luckily, happened to me. These are my now friends from Iran. We walked for many hours in the area called Sipi Falls. The place, however, is much more than the three falls. Sure, each of the three falls is unique and spectacular. But what counts to me in that place is the happy people who live there. These photos show the falls, which are why the tourists arrive. But I hope you'll also see the other beauty of the place.

By the way and literally on the way, that's corn drying on the shoulder of the road.

And here we are at the first, or highest set of falls. Note the tiny person at the base of the falls.

This is the top of the second set of falls.

We are now exploring the cave behind the second falls.

And at last, we're at the last and perhaps most spectacular falls.

One of the things I enjoy about traveling is finding unique places to stay. This place called the Crow's Nest was one of those places.

This is the view from the balcony.

This is the town of Mbale which is near Sipi Falls. The first photo shows the sharp rise in the terrain caused by the volcanic Mount Elgon.