If someone from Africa said to you “my life here is really quite easy and I enjoy it a lot,” then you almost can be sure you are speaking to one of it's despots, dictators, or exploiters. There is and has always been so much loot for the grabbing here that there's no shortage of grabbers. For example, these baboons will gladly swipe anything you leave lying around. One tore through my tent screen a few weeks ago, ripped around the tent and then left, leaving entry and exit wounds in the screen.

In spite of the number of exploiters (both human and animal), what I can say about the bits of Africa I have seen Is that there are pockets and pieces of hope and happiness (both human and animal). What follows are a few photos I've taken over the last few weeks which I hope capture the essence of change here. Don't forget that this country (like so many of its neighbors) has been ravaged and savaged by years of unrest and often complete brutality. Even so, the people and animals are coming back: damaged, sure, but coming back because that is their spirit.

Here are a couple of photos of a discussion group with prosecutors in Jinja. I am here discussing possible changes to the Ugandan Criminal Justice System. The hope is to make the system more fair for all participants.