I've chosen to start with my favorite photo from the many taken at this terrific piece of nature in southern Tanzania. The game reserve is the largest in Africa and has some 4,000 lions along with lots of others that live in a constant state of alert. That's what happens when you have lions as neighbors.

Now in Kampala, so have a chance to download a few photos (at about ten minutes apiece) so here we go.

As if Africa doesn't have enough to keep you on edge: even the trees loom dangerous….

Or beautiful:

Sadly, trees such as this Ebony tree, are becoming extinct.

But it's the animals that steal the show.

This female lion was clearly the boss. And even though she exhibited typical kitty cat behavior, you'll note in the close up photo of her face that she has many battle scars.

While our vehicle seemed a bit precarious when the lions were close, it was the best vehicle I've ever been in to drive around and try to spot animals.