Although the second largest “city” in Maniema province, Kasongo lives, eats and breathes like a village. These are a few photos taken while there in early June.

When you are walking the streets of Kasongo, as we are here. Or other streets in the Congo, you may notice women with unusual protrusions from each of their hips.

But the mystery is solved when you see that the protrusions are just little feets of the baby on board. The women in the Congo seem to take pride in making sure the baby bag matches the dress.
After all, they have been together a long time.

The fate of these goats is not all that certain.

While we are waiting for the next photo to upload (which does take 5 to 10 minutes on average), I will jot down something I wrote somewhere in Africa:


Out here pieces fly off–
Sometime big pieces
Sometimes small.
Pieces of my soul
And bits of my spirit.
Drift and fly from me.
Dragged and gouged
By a dark zone of jungle and anger.
Of oppression, death and sacrifice.
Yet lifted by the wind of hope.
So those pieces have flown somewhere?
Or just disappeared?
Burned in the fire of hate ?
Or embraced in the arms of love?