A few months ago I went on a journey a little north of Kindu. The children there were very eager to get in a photo. There was no stopping them. Then, when I had a chance to edit the photos, I noticed two boys who each appeared in several photos. I had not noticed either of them when taking the shots. But when editing, each jumped out, but for different reasons.

The first (let’s call him the red-pack kid) to me is a symbol of the hope and joy that you can find surprisingly often in the Congo.
The red-pack kid is front and center in this photo (as he is in most of the others)

In this series of photos my original thought was to capture the simple beauty of this little girl taking care of her sister. But the kids had their own idea. They appeared in this series of photos as fast as I could shoot.

And guess who’s charging to the front.

But the second boy who caught my attention during editing is much different. He seems to represent the deeper and much darker history of the Congo. To me he looks like the conscience itself of the Congo.
Well, take a look and judge for yourself.