No doubt gorillas fascinate us because they are like us, but somewhat different. Here are a few gorillas I found in northern Rwanda at the border. I liked them a bit, but did not feel a great connection.


And these two were in the Entebbe airport. Again, interesting, but not very friendly. Although, the guy with them seemed friendly enough, but interested in some kind of tip. His demeanor seemed a bit wooden.

Although alone, this guy I located in a tourist camp in southern Uganda was clearly the dominate male.

Now, the ferocity of this gorilla down right scared me at first. That was until I realized he was only one foot tall, plastic and situate in a tourist shop.

Even so, I did find some gorillas that lived up to their billing (thanks to lots of tourist hype, advertising, good casting agents, top-rate trackers, trained guides and a great choreographer). The location was northern Rwanda in Virunga Park.

You might think this snoozing gorilla is not paying attention. He laid out on the grass after snacking on various green bits that looked a lot like plants.

But he is paying attention.

And how close can you get to these great beings? About this close.

Or even this close.

And here are some group photos.