This is the new Surgery Table that Yellow Bird brought to the hospital. And these are two of the doctors who have more effectively helped many people since the table arrived.

Because the table allows the doctors to better position the patients, the operations on this table have gone much better than when they had the old table. The old table looked like this:

And here is a photo of a baby delivered on the new table. The child’s mother did not have to be put under a general anesthetic when the doctors did a Caesarian section, as they would have had to with the old table.

A mother and child who did much better after the birth:

And here are some little friends of Yellow Bird:

But Yellow Bird is not finished. She also helped put in a solar panel system that brings light all the time to most, but not all of the wards and also the surgery room. The doctors no longer have to use a flashlight when doing an operation at night during one of the many power grid failures.

Here is a photo of one of the new light bulbs that was put in along with the new solar panel system. Beside it is one of the new ceiling fans that was part of Yellow Bird’s first project:

Soon Yellow Bird hopes to finish putting in more solar panels and lights so that everyone at the hospital will have light and operating fans all the time.
That may be her last chance to assist the hospital in any major way, since she is leaving the Congo soon.
Perhaps sadly, she feels like she has done little to help the people in Africa, since the needs are so vast and one tiny Yellow Bird so small.
But as Green Bird once said, “it is always better to help a little bit, than not to help at all. There will always be more to do.”

These two photos show the entire laboratory “facilities” at the hospital.