You know these art galleries are great and all. But I’m finding in Paris there’s just so many people flocking through them that it’s difficult to focus on the artwork. Thus, when I found out that the Louvre, like all museums, has one day off each week, I wondered if things might be better if I could get in then.
Sure enough, the Louvre’s day off is Tuesday, so through a friend of a friend (who works in security), I was able to get in during the day off (it’s not who you know, it’s who you know).
So there I was inside the greatest of all art museums roaming around unfettered.
Then I realized that it’s not just the staff who get a day off, but the art itself has a chance to breathe and be themselves.
As I walked by the wine bar I thought “holy shit, there they are.” the Louvre’s two biggest stars were just hanging out, having a glass of wine and venting just a bit.
I have just one photo of the scene, since I had to hide out.
But here is what Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa had to say (as best I could hear):

Mona: you know Venus, all these people staring at me–it’s really starting to get to me.
Venus: ah c’mon Mona–just smile and deal with it. You’ve always been good with that
Mona: Ya, I guess you’re right. But so many photographs.
Venus: Well, but…at least you’re not half naked.
Mona: Leonardo was always good about that.
Venus: and give me a sip of wine, if you would–they still haven’t given me any arms.

Then I had to go.