Are with me in the moments I breathe.
Are around my moments of silence.
Are in places no one can leave.
Will guide me to places of kindness.

Long distances are shorter than we know.
Big Places are smaller than they show.
Large people give less than they should.
And in the end we all act as we could.

The next place it may happen
Is a place so long, long from here
That people who’ve seen it say
“Man–you’ a long way from there.”

So the next step was a stumble
Since I was working by myself
And being out of country
Makes one extra humble.

So, well, could be worse.
I could be the back seat passenger
In a big, black, limousine hearse.

But I wasn’t and I’m not.
I’m just the guy who changed religions
And didn’t get caught.

So the next time you consider when, when–
Someone is standing on the cliff of life
Standing on the abyss overlooking life and death
Celebrate that you are not.