We saw how beautiful life is–
then it stopped.
Then what?
It just stopped?
There’s gotta be something more–
At least you’ d think.
But then…what if not?
Then, then…
Nothing but what?
A blue lake with water everywhere
And trees and sky and
All those things we need.
All those things we need.
And then a whole lot more:
A piece of toast, a bite of cheese,
That little dog with cute ears–
And then all the rest.
The whole onslaught of everyone
Who want it all done now.
Then a peace arises
Because it must
Calm is the place for now.
And still the thought of the dog
With the cute button-down ears.
At the end, that may be what it comes down to:
A few quick thoughts about what is really important.
And that would be:
An oriole sitting in a tree.
Your smile directed right at me.
An old Egyptian pyramid that doesn’t turn to dust.
A running shoe that runs forever.
Your perfume in my hands.
Well, really, its you being close to me
That makes me think–
The owl that sits in judgement
Knows that owls know how to think.