Maybe I die shortly.
Maybe I die longly.
Maybe I don’ t die at all.
Maybe I just linger some while,
Or just catapult to nowhere.
Or maybe suddenly I see everything
very clearly.
The people, the animals, their friends–all of them
Are suddenly free.
To live, to breathe the beautiful fragrances from everywhere:
Old dogs who got too wet.
A rose in the sunset.
Sparrows who’ve been too long in the sun.
Spring blossoms sprayed with perfume.
The tip of a deer’s nose in the sharpness of winter.
The smile of a baby’s first breath.
I guess that’s it.
Life just sprints to–to what?
Small children playing at water flying from fountains.
Hawks soaring to see a world of prey.
Nomads walking along desert floors.
And two people stopping to say:
I love you so much–
Tomorrow is today.