Gonder is in the northwestern part of Ethiopia and best know for it's medieval-like castle. But I found the people in the streets most fascinating.

There is a large conservation area surrounding the famous crater located just next door to the Serengeti.

We haven't got to the crater yet; I just want to share with you some of the beauty on route.

Rock Lions, Serengeti

There are some beautiful places on the Serengeti. Sometimes those places are deserted. But sometimes there are lovely beasts hanging out in unexpected places.We suspect that these two had escaped from the pride to have, well, some time together. My suspicion is that there will be some little lion cubs running around the Serengeti this summer.

As my suspected time on this mysterious continent winds down, I hope to gather a few thoughts and images in this piece. Frankly, I just don't know where else to store the photos, so they might as well be here.

This image from a museum in Tanzania catches the sad history of this place.


The great migration of wildebeest is known as the largest movement of any species, or something like that. But what struck me while on the Serengeti and watching these large numbers of animals move together is that it's not just wildebeest, but also zebra who make the trek. In fact, the zebras are often in the lead.

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