Helicopter Trip!

This was the way we got into duty station Kindu in east Congo. An old Russian helicopter. The good thing about that helicopter was that it flew close to the jungle and the few villages along the Congo River. What these images show is a trip from Kisingani to Kindu....

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When you are out there. When you are really out in a place where nobody knows you. Where you know nobody. That is when travel gets to be a test of your mettle. When being way out there means that nobody cares.You are in a place where murder and sexual assault are...

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About This Place…

"This website is dedicated to the many people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have suffered and died."

The writer was a journalist, prosecutor, and Canadian soldier who is now trying to help the people who live in the DR Congo.

The photographs and the commentary here are solely those of the writer and his pet dog named "Bark." The United Nations and MONUSCO have nothing to do with this website.

Similarly, the township of Puskokum in eastern Tennessee is equally not interested.