As folks wander…

As folks wander randomly

On a long-lost street

My thoughts sit idle

But not asleep.

More has happened this day

Than could have happened in a night.

The pain travels longer

But is never out of sight.

The morning sun brings hope

Even to a distant land

But only if it shines

Near the place where I stand.

The Last Romance

The last romance

Was unexpectedly short.

Was beautiful

And then was gone.

So much hope can end so quickly.

We all wish for so much in life.

Yet, there are few resources

To meet all our needs.

So, we are left with what?


Shortages of everything we expect:

Shortages of emotion, of hope,

of love, of happiness.

So then, what next?

I guess that we just have Life.

So then:

Just steady up and carry on.

Because there are no other choices.


A Green Bird Goes

A warm wind blows south

While a cold one goes north

And a bird flies them both

Trying to find a balance

Within the change

When warm winds fly south

And cold birds fly north.

Then the green bird

With black feathers

Sat on a branch

On a tree

On a cliff

Between forest and plain

Between mountain and sea

Between living and life.

That green bird sat

Watching the winds move

North and south

And thinking: which way to go?

Then a whisper from the wind said:

“Lift your wings.”

And so the green bird

With black feathers did.

And so she sailed north

Then south



The Way

Wearing the scars of a hundred solitudes,

I march in a direction unknown.

Sea breeze fills my ears with kindness

Near a place that is not my home.

The ocean roars madly

On a calm and peaceful day.

While people talk wildly,

Without anything real to say.

Yet, an orange tree grows quietly

Far, far away.

And so I wonder:

Will I remember this beautiful day?


Typhoon Haiyan


It began with a whiff of a distant breeze.

Old Paco Salvador knew what that meant.

He'd been on the Phillipine shores all his life.

He'd lost three children and his last wife.

Our Earth

Extracting from our Earth
Extracting from our Earth
Taking Gas
Grabbing Gold
Snatching every bit of Crude
We’ll get it All
Sometime Soon
All the Wealth Inside
Our Earth
Will be in Our Hands
Or in Our Fires
Then I Wonder?
What Shall We Do?
Our Earth is Empty
It’s Larder Bare
It’s Womb Can
Give No More
I guess We’ll Sit
On a Desolate Cliff
Or On a Barren Ocean Shore.

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