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A few months ago I went on a journey a little north of Kindu. The children there were very eager to get in a photo. There was no stopping them. Then, when I had a chance to edit the photos, I noticed two boys who each appeared in several photos. I had not noticed either of them when taking the shots. But when editing, each jumped out, but for different reasons.

How to Make Palm Oil

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On a past trip north of Kindu DRC I had the chance to watch some folks (actually they seemed like a pretty tight family group) making palm oil. This is how it works:

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The red spot shows where Kindu is. It is way up the Congo River.

A Moment in Goma #2

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Well folks, the two-month delay between the last photos that made it to this site and now says this: it is damned difficult to upload photos in Africa. Still, I will keep trying. This meager effort is a test to see if such tasks can be done from the northern tip of Zanzibar. We will see. More when possible. Until then, I hope you stay happy.

A Moment in Goma #1

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These photographs were taken on 29 April 2012 and show a quiet city on a Sunday. But such calm belies many tragic days in the past and a possibly deadly future. You may note the amount of lava on the roads and stone fences. In 2002 nearby Nyiragongo Volcano erupted and pushed a swath of lava through Goma. The lava was about 2 meters thick and ranged from 200 meters to one kilometer wide. Fortunately most city dwellers got notice and fled, but some died from asphyxiation. Almost half of the homes in Goma were destroyed.

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For a description of these photographs please see “Paradise”Lost: the Kindu Train Station #1

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