I have been out of the Congo for almost three months. Thus, I have finally run out of photos.These are the few left that I am pleased to share with you. (And some that are worth repeating)

This is a photo looking across the Congo River towards Kindu, where I spent seven months of my nine month UN mission. That is the only ferry making a crossing. Mostly, the people use dug out canoes to cross.

Before making my escape from the Congo in June to do a holiday in eastern Africa, I took a boat ride from Goma to Bukavu on Lake Kivu. The view you see here is the “harbor” of Goma as the small boat plows away.

Kisangani Ruins

While stuck in Kisangani last July, I was struck by the beauty of the many crumbling colonial-style houses and buildings.

The Kasongo Prison

Not only are the jail sentences long in the Congo, but also the conditions in the prisons are bad. These photos take a peek into one of them.

While in Kasongo I stayed at the Catholic diocese, which was a lovely spot with well-kept grounds and aging but classic buildings. One morning I walked in the area around the diocese. This is what I found.

When in Kasongo in May 2012, I had the opportunity to visit the well-financed Catholic school. The conditions there are much better than the average school in the Congo. It was great to find a place of hope in the eastern Congo.

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