Gorillas #3

Just to give you a few more photos of these great and diminishing friends of ours:

Here is a so-called “blackback” carrying his little brother out of the feeding bushes into the open area.

Some folks ask “how is it that you do a mountain gorilla trek?” Now that I have done, well, let's see. Counting all of the times that I have been out on the trail trying to find a or more than a gorilla. And adding in all the other times I looked to see if I could find a gorilla. Well, turns out only once. Thus, this is the only time. Doesn't make me much of an expert, seems to me. Even so, here are my thoughts.

Gorillas #1

No doubt gorillas fascinate us because they are like us, but somewhat different. Here are a few gorillas I found in northern Rwanda at the border. I liked them a bit, but did not feel a great connection.


Eastern Rwanda #3

Here is the road you take to see some giraffes. The troop/herd/gang/gaggle/family/gathering/bundle of giraffes we found numbered more than twenty-five.


Eastern Rwanda #2


Eastern Rwanda #1

Happened to make my way to eastern Rwanda. But before we talk about that I need to tell you that I have never seen a more significant difference between two places as I did see when moving from the eastern Congo into Rwanda. It was almost like going from one country to another. Here is a photo of the border crossing between the Congo (to the left) and Rwanda (to the right). Seems pretty neutral, but I can say that the chaos on the left side is way more significant than on the right side.

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