Sure that news is some sixty-four years old. But today German troops were back on the streets of Bratislava


These are some photos of my highlights and lowlights of a trip through Italy, the countries that used to be Yugoslavia, then into Bulgaria, Romania and ending here in Budapest, Hungary. It’s just a quick spin to give you a feel about these great places with all kinds of different people. Lets go…

Yes indeed. Once again I went to place I'd never heard of before. Talk about not planning your trip ahead.

Even so, it's the surprises en route that sometimes surprise the most. This cave, or perhaps these caves expresses the scene better, go for some 20 kilometers. And just to be clear, since we're talking caves here, that's underground.

Had a chance to see some of these places shaped by years of conflict and war. If you wanted you and your family, friends and townsfolk to stay alive, then you fortified your place. No wall, no life.

Rooms With a View

While we’re on the idea of traveling, I’m thinking it might be helpful to explain the process of travel by showing you some of the places I’ve stayed. And more importantly, the view from the window.

This is what I see from the window of my place today in Sighisoara, Romania. And what follows is a series of photos and thoughts about some of the rooms that were my home from time to time to time.


In the Carpathians

Me too. I never knew what the Carpathians were or are. Turns out the Carpathians are a mountain range poised majestically in the west part of Romania. And the royal family of Romania chose these mountains for their summer residence. But they had to build a palace suitable for their well-financed tastes. So this is what they built.

It's really not bad for just a summer residence. Considering their main palace was in Bucharest. But for a summer in the woods, it must have done quite well (and cost a fortune). I went there today and this is what I saw.

About This Place…

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