Duty Station Kindu

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The Congo River is the source of green in middle Africa. Sure, there are other rivers, but if you look at a map of Africa that shows where the jungle is and where the deserts are, the Congo River defines where the big green patch is in the middle of Africa. Most people call it jungle. From the bits I have walked in that jungle, it is green throughout: from the highest leaves on trees and vines, to the little plants and bugs, and all the other stuff that moves around under the places where you might poke a stick, but I sure am not. This place is alive. But sadly, the people and the animals have a tough life.

Perhaps symbolically, when I was sitting in one of the few restaurants here (way up the Congo River in Kindu) I watched a little ant–and by little I mean real little, because what I saw was a bread crumb magically moving itself away from me. Then I saw the speck underneath. So too did a salamander, who ate both the bread crumb and the ant.

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