The great migration of wildebeest is known as the largest movement of any species, or something like that. But what struck me while on the Serengeti and watching these large numbers of animals move together is that it's not just wildebeest, but also zebra who make the trek. In fact, the zebras are often in the lead.

Amboseli Park, Kenya

Like many places in the world, Amboseli is largely ignored by most of the planet. Yet when you go there, you feel like you've already been, because the images live in our collective unconscious.


This lesser known park in the north of Tanzania is best known for it's elephants and Baobab trees. It is a beautiful place.

Serengeti Leopard

While doing the usual high-priced tour through the Serengeti I had resigned myself not to see the elusive and rarely seen leopard. That was until this episode.

Mothers and Children

One thing about life that is both fair and unfair is that we do not sign up for the job. At least as far as we know, we just arrive in whatever form we arrive: human, animal, or some other living consciousness. But what seems common is that those of us who survive had someone to look over us and to teach us.In the aggressive jungles and plains of Africa it is the mothers who have stepped up to give us life. This piece is a tribute to them. I talk no more.

About This Place…

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