Solomon Islands—the scuba story

Underwater is always strange.

If you’re a fish, then that is not correct. (Even though you, as a fish, are always stressed about a bigger fish eating you).

But if you’re human, and since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are, then underwater is a strange place you can go. This is a story about the great people who can take you there: looking up at your air bubbles floating up 100 feet; watching a turtle float through the sea; or perhaps seeing, for the first time, how many, many lives are lived on a coral reef.

So, here we go…..

These are the waters of the West Pacific off the tropical Solomon Islands.

And these are some images while on a scuba boat called TAKA, with a staff dedicated to scuba–they know their stuff. (Some folks renamed this boat “Solomon’s PNG Master” but to any of us who’ve been aboard, she’ll always be TAKA).

About This Place…

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