Oh We Did

Oh We Did.

We had so much.

But then what happened?


Oh, we did have such a chance

Such hope–so much opportunity

An Emerald Planet scooting around the Sun.

Giving us light, warmth, energy

And even Hope.

And Water and Trees.

With dark oil made of beings from long ago.

Then, we clawed and scraped our way

From some form of ape-like existence

To develop: high-tech communication systems;

Machines that do our work;

Therapists to keep us smooth;

And entertainment to fill the gaps.

We went further:

We decided that we are the Most Important.

The Most Important lifeform, existence, entity

On this Shiny Planet.

So, as we push our Human Existance

To every place, spot, point, forest, ocean

And even graveyard

To expand our mass ego to be Human:

We crush everything else around us:

The Elk who walks in mountain vistas

The Snake who patrols jungle floors

The Hawk who cruises hopeful skies

The tiny Frog who waits for more water in his pond

And the Gosseling who just wants to fly.

We've done it All.

We've tried to save species going extinct

We've planted trees we've previously cut

We've walked on the moon.

Yet, we're missing something Big:

We're killing all our friends

Our Neighbours in War Zones

Our Animal Friends.

We slice them up for such curious needs:

Tusks to make niknacs

Or people to make way for Change.

Yes, we've done it All.

And we deserve what we get:

Unhappiness, Stress, War, Poverty, Disease, Anxiety, Pollution.

But yet: a tiny Bird singing will Fix Us

Only if we Listen.



About This Place…

"This website is dedicated to the many people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have suffered and died."


The writer was a journalist, prosecutor, and Canadian soldier who is now trying to help the people who live in the DR Congo.


The photographs and the commentary here are solely those of the writer and his pet dog named "Bark." The United Nations and MONUSCO have nothing to do with this website.

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