Travels of Yellow Bird #4

Yellow Bird saw the people at a hospital needed some help. Actually, they needed a lot of help.
One bit of help Yellow Bird could do was to replace the old surgery table which looked very old and very used.

So Yellow Bird found a new table and also some friends to help her move it to the hospital.

They loaded the new surgery table onto a truck and drove to the Congo River, where they got on the ferry and crossed.

When they got to the hospital the people were very happy to see something new, which did not happen very often there.

Yellow Bird had to leave before the doctors took the new surgical table out of the box, but they have told her that the new table has already helped many people. That made Yellow Bird very happy, because she knew the people and birds and animals in Africa have such a tough time every day.

About This Place…

"This website is dedicated to the many people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have suffered and died."


The writer was a journalist, prosecutor, and Canadian soldier who is now trying to help the people who live in the DR Congo.


The photographs and the commentary here are solely those of the writer and his pet dog named "Bark." The United Nations and MONUSCO have nothing to do with this website.

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